Studio Services

Semi-Permanent and Permanent Makeup

Microblading | Consultation Required

A semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo technique used to enhance the appearance of eyebrows. It involves manually depositing pigment into the skin using a handheld tool with fine needles, creating realistic hair-like strokes that mimic the natural eyebrow hairs.

Microblading Annual Touch Up | Consultation Required

Refresh and brighten your existing microbladed brows.

Ombre Brows | Consultation Required

Also known as Powder Brows, is a PMU technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look with tiny dots of pigment implanted into the skin.

Blade and Shaded Brows | Consultation Required

A combination of two forms of tattoo techniques using microblading and PMU shading.

Lashline Enhancement | $400+

A permanent cosmetic tattoo technique that enhances the appearance of the eyes by adding definition and depth to the lash line.

Eyeliner | $400+

A permanent makeup procedure that enhances the appearance of the eyes by adding definition and depth to the upper and/or lower lash lines based on our client’s preferences and desired look. The pigment can be customized in terms of color, thickness, and style - ranging from a thin, natural looking line to a more bold and dramatic effect. It is a popular choice for those wanting to wake up with perfectly defined eyes, reducing their daily makeup routine.

Stardust Eyeliner | $400+

A semi-permanent makeup technique that creates a smudged effect, softening the lines of traditional tattooed eyeliner, while still providing beautiful definition to the eyes.

Lip Blushing | $500+

Involves inserting color pigment into the lips to improve the appearance of uneven lip color, provides definition to the lip line, and adds subtle appearance of fullness and definition.The result is a soft, natural-looking tint that enhances the lips’ appearance and reduces the need for daily lipstick application.

Color Correction | Consultation Required | $250+

Our skilled artists use the principles of color theory and knowledge of pigment chemistry to correct the color of your permanent makeup.

Scalp Micropigmentation | $250+

Also known as SMP, this service is a superficial cosmetic tattoo that gives the illusion of a close buzz-cut hairstyle on a bald head or density to a thinning crown.

Permanent Makeup Removal | 250+

We offer non-laser tattoo removal. Our method involves modern products and techniques that employ natural bodily processes to push pigment particles out through the skin’s surface.

Close-up of a woman with striking makeup on a dark background.
Person undergoing eyebrow marking for microblading treatment.

Brow Enhancement

Brow Lamination | $100+

A beauty treatment that involved restructuring and setting the eyebrow hairs in a desired shape using a keratin based solution. The eyebrow hairs are brushed upwards, which helps to create a fuller, thicker appearance and can also make the eyebrows appear more uniform and groomed. Lamination is a popular option for those with unruly or sparse eyebrows who want to achieve a more groomed, uniform look without the need for daily maintenance/ The effects typically last for several weeks, making it a convenient option for those looking to enhance their brows with minimal upkeep.

Brow Tint | $25+

Our gentle, ammonia free formula is gentle on the skin while leaving a long lasting radiant color on the hair. Lasts 6+ weeks on the hair.

Henna Brow & Mapping | $80+

A beauty treatment that provides a beautiful stain beneath the brow hairs that casts a shadow and creates the illusion of depth and fullness. Henna brow is a great option for those over-tweezers or those concerned with committing to permanent makeup. Our skilled artists take the time to properly map and shape your eyebrow, then use henna to create a powdered brow effect. Lasts 7 days on the skin.


Permanent Makeup and Small Body Art Removal | Consultation Required | $250+

Do you desire to remove a small body art tattoo or old, poor quality permanent makeup? It is possible! We offer non-laser tattoo removal. Our method involves modern products and techniques that employ natural bodily processes to push pigment particles out through the skin’s surface.

Woman with bold makeup posing with hands on face.

Procell Therapies Microchanneling

Procell Therapies is microneedling evolved. It is a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure designed to stimulate the body's own natural ability to generate collagen, elastin, and other building blocks of healthy skin. Microchanneling temporarily creates hundreds of thousands of micro-channels into the skin to be "filled" by new, healthy collagen. Less downtime and injury to the skin than Microneedling.

Scalp/Hair Growth Microchanneling | Consultation Required

Treatments are formulated to nourish hair follicles back to a state of ideal health, using select growth factor proteins that are naturally present in healthy, young hair follicles. Improves the overall condition of the scalp, rejuvenating damaged hair follicles and increasing circulation, promoting increased hair growth.

Face, Neck, and/or Decollete Microchanneling | Consultation Required

Treatment incorporates micro-channeling with a concentration of physiologically balanced Growth Factors, Peptides and Antioxidants that when absorbed into the skin reduce lines, brightens, prevents visible signs of new aging, reduces pore size, reduces scarring, and more.

Body Microchanneling | Consultation Required

Procell can be used anywhere on the body (stomach, full back, butt, arms, thighs, etc.) to improve the skin's appearance, reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and wrinkles, and tighten loose skin.

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions | Full Set $125+ | Fill $45+

Natural and subtle enhancement to the eyes, which add length and definition, without being dramatic. Generally, 1 lash extension is adhered to 1 natural lash.

Volume Lash Extensions | Full Set $200+ | Fill $75+

Be as bold and dramatic as you want! Volume lashes create a fuller, flufflier appearance. Multiple lash extensions are adhered to a single natural lash.

Hybrid Lash Extensions | Full Set $150+ | Fill $60+

Combines classic and volume lash extensions styles to create a bit of drama with a natural appearance.

Lash Extensions Removal | Consultation Required | $50+

Woman receiving eyelash extension service at a salon.