MRemoval Tattoo Removal


Welcome to MRemoval, the brand that is revolutionizing the way professionals approach the removal of small body art tattoos and semi-permanent makeup. Using an advanced non-laser method with specialized products and techniques, MRemoval offers a safer and more effective alternative to traditional tattoo removal methods.

Our targeted solutions are perfect for tattoo artists, beauty professionals, and permanent makeup artists looking to correct or entirely remove unwanted ink for their clients.

When you train at BellaMi Academie you are learning skill development through hands-on training while performing non-laser tattoo removal procedures on latex and live models. Completing the MRemoval by BellaMi Course can open up many career opportunities in the beauty and cosmetics industry all while becoming financially independent.

After your live course, you will gain access to our online training platform to deepen and refresh your knowledge. The platform contains procedure descriptions, fundamentals about the products and principles of action, and, most importantly, video materials illustrating each step of the procedure. Our students receive lifetime support and have direct access to their trainer to aid in their professional development and submit assignments.

Some of What's Included in the Course

  • The Legato Technique
  • Essential guidelines for working with the MRemoval products
  • Fitzpatrick Scale of Skin Types
  • Indications and Contraindications
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Latex Practice
  • Continuing Lifetime Support
  • Unlimited Course Retakes (theory portion only)

    MRemoval by BellaMi Kit Included!

Includes all the products you will need to conduct multiple model and client services.